Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake Burrito for Dessert

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It's pancake day! Make the most of it and load your pancake up with your favourite sauces, sweet treats and indulgences.

Over the last week, I've posted different recipes in the build up towards today. This is the final instalment. Whether you eat around a table, just grab food on the go or just want to snack in front of the TV, these work. In just one bite you get the warm pancake, Nutella, ice cream the marshmallows and crunch of the nuts all in one!

If you're careful all you have to wash up is the Nutella spoon... which is never left around dirty.



3 tbsp Nutella
10 small marshmallows
50g toasted chopped nuts (peanuts/ hazelnuts)
2 large scoops ice cream


  • Start by making your pancake. Once made, smear 3/4 of the Nutella all over one side.
  • Scoop your ice cream onto the middle and try to create a slight cylinder shape. (I used swiss chocolate vanilla ice cream). Use your favourite - a good vanilla, stracciatella or honeycomb would work great.
  • Build a wall of marshmallows next to the ice cream. Using the remaining Nutella to hold them together.
  • Optional extra: add some chopped nuts inside. This gives you a great crunch amongst the ice cream and marshmallows.
  • Folding a burrito couldn't be easier. Fold over the left and right side towards the centre keeping them as tight as you can. Fold the piece of pancake closest to you as far over as it will go. Then roll the rest of the way. You're left with a fully contained dessert burrito ready to go! No sticky fingers, no mess, just pure enjoyment.


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