Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pineapple Iced Tea With Pearls

A road trip to Taichung at the weekend was enough to jog my memory about tapioca pearls. Taichung is the birth place of the bubble tea with pearls. There's a bubble tea shop on virtually every corner.

For those of you who remember my post of, homemade bubble tea with boba, you may remember I mentioned there's a second way of making the tapioca pearls (boba). In this recipe I decide it would be a great opportunity to share it with you. These may the a little more labour intensive and time consuming but it's worth it. Finding tapioca pearls is not the easiest task, tapioca starch on the other hand, certainly is. From start to finish the pearls shouldn't take any longer than 25 minutes.

Pineapple iced tea is great! Whether you are using regular tea, a good quality black tea or even green tea you can enjoy this. The natural sweetness from the pineapple helps this drink a lot, especially letting it have a little brew with the tea before cooling.

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Ingredients:                                                                                                                               (Serves 4)

Tapioca pearls
50g tapioca starch
15-25ml boiling water
50g soft brown sugar

Iced Tea
500ml boiling water
3-4 black tea bags
100g fresh pineapple, finely diced
Ice cubes


  • Sift the tapioca starch into a mixing bowl. Add the boiling water gradually (crucial it's boiling or the texture will be very different). Mix well until you can form a smooth firm ball. The water can vary so be sure to add slowly to avoid a soggy mess.
  • Roll the ball into a long cylinder, approximately 6-9mm thick.
  • Cut the cylinder into small pieces to make the balls.
  • Roll the balls one by one to make them spherical.
  • In a pan of boiling water add the brown sugar. Once dissolved, add the tapioca balls.
  • Cook the pearls for 10 minutes to start, check to see if they are ready by lifting a couple from the water and look for a soft texture and lots of bubbles in the pearls.
  • Leave them to cool into the now formed sugar syrup. 
  • For the tea, let the tea bags brew in the water. Whilst brewing chop the pineapple into a small dice. 
  • Add the pineapple to the brewing tea. Once brewed remove the bags. 
  • Add a good handful of ice and shake through the tea. 
  • Place some tapioca pearls, along with some syrup to sweeten the tea into the bottom of a glass. Add the iced tea, be sure to check there's lots of pineapple in there. Lastly top with extra ice and serve. 


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