Saturday, 18 March 2017


When it comes to extra treats to add to your ice cream, desserts or to munch alone, little could be better than honeycomb. It's addictively tasty, it's quick and it's straight forward to make.

This recipe calls for honey. You might be wondering why I'd bother to mention that. Well, a lot of recipes call for golden syrup or corn syrup. That begs the question, why's it called honeycomb if there's no honey? With this recipe, you're getting what you'd expect. Honey is also much nicer to eat. That's not to say I haven't eaten golden syrup straight out the tin... come on, we all have!

Today I've decided to smother my honeycomb in dark chocolate to take away some of the sweetness. Adding a pinch of good sea salt to the chocolate is delicious too. Stay tuned as I will be using honeycomb in more desserts and treats to come.



100g caster sugar
30g honey
100g glucose
10g bicarbonate of soda


  • Weigh the sugar, the honey and the glucose into a large pan.
  • Cook on a medium heat, only shaking and swirling the pan. No stirring!
  • You'll notice the syrup start to get to a light caramel. With a temperature probe check the syrup.
  • Once your probe reads 150 degrees, remove from the heat.
  • Quickly add the bicarbonate of soda. Mix through caramel with a whisk till incorporated. 
  • Instantly it will start to expand and foam up quite a bit. 
  • Straight after pour onto greaseproof paper and leave to cool.
  • Once cool, put the honeycomb in an airtight container, otherwise moisture will make it go sticky and it will lose its crunch.


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