Friday 21 April 2017

White Chocolate & Matcha Truffles

This week I've paired my favourite tea with white chocolate to make some chocolate truffles.Trust me, these chocolate truffles are highly addictive! The wonderful taste of the matcha tea, sweetened with white chocolate is heavenly.

Matcha is a wonderful ingredient and very versatile. Whether it's in iced tea, ice cream or even in a cake, it's wonderful. Not only does matcha taste and look amazing - that vivid green is captivating - it is also superbly healthy with numerous health benefits. By no means will this be the last post we see on match tea.

This recipe perfectly coincides with a World Earth Day event (22nd April) in a great community I'm part of on Google+. We are posting recipes based around the colour green specifically for it. If you have time follow this link to find more interesting recipes from around the world.

For more chocolate truffle flavours check out my selection so far - Chocolate Truffles.


Ingredients:                                                                                                              (Makes 20-25)

250g chopped white chocolate
125g cream whipping or double
10g unsalted butter
6g or about 1 tbsp matcha tea powder
20g icing sugar

125g melted white chocolate
Matcha tea powder (if you want tea matcha flavoured coating)

  • Boil the cream, the butter, the icing sugar and the sifted matcha powder.
  • Once the cream mixture has started to boil, pour over the chopped chocolate.
  • Whisk until smooth. Then leave in a fridge to cool and set.
  • Once set divide the ganache into sized balls. Rolling in your hands to create a round ball (cold hands are preferable so not to melt the ganache).
  • Melt the chocolate for coating. If using matcha add now. Add the matcha till you gain the colour you're looking for. (make sure to sift first) 
  • Dip the ganache balls into the chocolate and let the residual drip off before placing on parchment paper.
  • Either roll using a fork to create a spiky outside or leave to dry smooth. 
  • If drying smooth, add some garnish to the top when the coating is still wet to add flavour and extra appeal. Even an extra drizzle of chocolate in a contrasting colour can make them stand out.


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