Wednesday 7 June 2017

Homemade Bubble Tea With Boba

Since coming to Taiwan bubble tea has become an increasing part of life. Whether it be chain or independent, I've been there, done that - ranging from fruit teas to milk teas and even teas flavoured with chrysanthemum, they've all been tried and tested. This recipe brings to bubble tea to your own kitchen. Sometimes travelling out can seem like a trek for a good cuppa, especially if you get struck by sudden rainfall.

With bubble tea originating from Taiwan, it's no surprise there's a vast amount of choose from. There's plenty of shops dedicated to this refreshing beverage. The market for bubble tea has grown rapidly, leaving you with a wide range of flavours and additions. Some include jellies, sago or even a set custard like pudding, not to mention the tapioca pearls.

You may be thinking... why's it called bubble tea? They're pearls, not bubbles!? It actually has nothing to do with the tapioca pearls. It refers to the shaking of the tea when making that leaves a bubbly froth on the top of your drink.

There are two ways of making the pearls for this drink. Be sure to watch out for the posting of this other, more time consuming yet fun way of making them. After making this drink, I can assure the drink won't last long. As soon as you get the first chew of the tapioca pearls with a mouthful of wonderful tea you will be hooked. The pearls will keep happily in syrup in the fridge for 24 hours leaving you plentiful amounts of time and copious cups of tea to keep you going.


Ingredients:                                                                                                       (Serves 2)

(For the pearls)
100g tapioca pearls
600g boiling water

(For the syrup)
40g caster sugar
40g dark brown sugar
80g boiling water

(The Tea)
3 tea bags, preferably
360ml boiling water
360ml whole milk
1 handful ice cubes

  • For the pearls, in a large pan boil the tapioca pearls in the water. Leave them to cook for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to stir occasionally so they don't clump.
  • Whilst the pearls are cooking make the sugar syrup. Dissolve the sugars in a small pan with the water. Bring to the boil and boil for 2-3 minutes before removing from the heat. Leave to cool.
  • Once the pearls are cooked, cool under cold water. Keep them in the sugar syrup.
  • Brew the tea in the water for 4-5 minutes to ensure a good flavour. 
  • Once brewed, pour the tea into a shaker with the milk and the ice. Shake the tea thoroughly to get a good froth.
  • Put half the pearls at the bottom of a large glass with some sugar syrup (add to your preference), pour over half the bubble tea.
  • Finish with extra ice a wide straw (be thrifty and save one from an earlier purchased bubble tea!) and there we are - homemade bubble tea with boba.  



  1. Would be fun to try making my own boba tea! Thanks!

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