Tuesday 25 July 2017

Street Food | Taiwanese Oyster Omelette

Eating street food is not only delicious but incredibly cheap. 1 portion from a street vendor will set you back the equivalent of £1.40 / $1.80. For that, you get around 10-15 fresh oysters in this delicious Taiwanese oyster omelette. It's a bargain - try finding that anywhere else.

These Taiwanese omelettes have a significant twist on what you may have in mind from other cuisines. The main bulk in this omelette comes from sweet potato starch. When cooked this way you get an incredibly gooey and chewy omelette. With cooked oysters, fried egg and Chinese cabbage, each mouthful is glorious. Top that off with sweet chilli sauce and it's perfect. I use the word topped off lightly as it comes swimming in it, almost like a soup. See picture below for reference. Unlike the majority of dishes with chilli, the sauce served with this has very, very little punch. Almost more tomato like, with the sweetness and sharpness you'd usually expect.

Getting hold of oysters is straight forward. You can find them at any good fishmonger or supermarket. If you happen to be in Taiwan or somewhere similar, head down to almost any supermarket. You can buy them fresh and shucked in a sealed cylindrical bag with water.

Try one of my favourite street food dishes from Taiwan at home. Taking no more than 10 minutes it's the perfect dinner or lunch if you're busy. For more street food have a look here.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                 (Makes 2 portions)

100g sweet potato starch
200ml cold water
20-25 oysters shucked
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Handful Chinese cabbage, chopped
75-100ml sweet chilli sauce (not very spicy)

  • Whisk together the sweet potato starch and the cold water. Once dissolved leave to one side. 
  • In a hot pan add the oysters to a tablespoon of oil. Preferably sunflower or rapeseed. 
  • Add half the potato starch mix, ensure to give a whisk before adding as the starch will go to the bottom. 
  • Cook on a high heat for a minute, before turning down. Gently cook until it becomes translucent. Give a stir to help break it up. 
  • Add the lightly beaten eggs and stir quickly to combine. Top with chopped cabbage. 
  • Cook for another minute before pouring over the remaining potato starch. 
  • Cook until translucent once again. Split the omelette into 2 with a lifter and flip. 
  • Cook to get a little colour on the other side and serve. 
  • Serve with sweet chilli sauce, usually poured all over.


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